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September 22nd, 2010  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, My Two Cents

So as Netflix has helped me realize- When it comes to movies I am more the Romantic-Comedy / Drama kind-of girl… And I usually like anything based on a True Story or a Documentary…

But every once in a while one of my friends will drag me to see something I don’t want to see- and I do- because Hey- What are friends for…
Well the other day… my best friend gave me the option of seeing Resident Evil or The Town… I was NOT really interested in either- but I figured a movie about Bank Robbers… would be a less horrible then an action movie based on a video game… And I am VERY happy with my decision!!

I really enjoyed The Town- so much so I felt the need to Blog about it… What was great about it was– It was BELIEVABLE- everything that happened- you felt like it COULD really go down like that in Real Life… And this movie (indirectly) was a Romantic-Comedy…

There was falling in love…
[Ben Affleck as Doug- falling for Claire- played by Actress, Rebecca Hall]

And there were A LOT of FUNNY moments too! The comedy mostly came from scenes where the entire audience thought- at the same time– I would do the SAME THING… [ie: Cop in Car- Smart man- lol… When you see the movie you’ll know what I mean.]

Now I’m not good at relaying plots with out giving too much away, so here’s the trailer:

My Only Criticism…

My only criticism about this movie though is… it may be Socially Irresponsible for Today’s Economic Climate- ie: Our Recession! (Only half-way serious- btw)… I say so because I watched this movie in the Bronx, Bay Plaza Movie Theater- famous for the CONSTANT personal commentary- yelled at the screen by the audience… And it was clear that some people left this movie- with the idea that:

“Hey- I could do that!”

[“Um… No you can’t!”]

If that thought popped into your head- PLEASE re-watch this movie and take note of what happens to the majority of the characters…

[Jeremy Renner as Bad/Guy Protagonist James]

*Sigh*… So if there’s a string of Bank robberies around the country in the next few weeks- we can blame The Town. (Just kidding… sort-of)


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