PIMA Chronicles #1: Let’s Not Pretend!

October 2nd, 2010  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Fiction Writing  |  2 Comments

After weeks of not talking to him (Ok really just 1 ½ weeks)… I finally gave in and acknowledged his Black Berry Message (BBM) earlier… I waited until I was on my way out with the girls though- just so I could tell him so.

I figured I’d throw him a bone… I was going out- and he was probably sitting home- doing nothing but thinking about me.

We were BBM’ing the whole time I was at KatWalk. We played the usual tango… I ask him a direct question about his day… He gives me a non-answer… And then asks me a similar question… I answer truthfully… Trying not to be petty and lead by example (or just encouraging his BS).

Finally the inevitable happened and he asked me to come over. I look at the time- It was already 12:30am.

“Um… Excuse me… Is this a booty call?”

I’m now kicking myself for being here at 1:47 in the morning. I mean- I know why I came- I wanted to see him and to talk face-to-face… Honestly!

But ofcourse I knew where this would lead…

Ok… Sure I waited until after he started kissing on my neck- but he had to know things would not be that easy… I’m Pima remember…

I whisper, Can I ask you something?”
He’s giving his,
REALLY PIMA?? Look… I continue anyway…

“What do you want from me?”
Now he’s probably thinking, I just want you to shut the hell up!!

Instead he says, “I don’t know.
You don’t know?
Look I’m happy- you’re the one with the issues here.

Arrrrr… I hate when he says that, and sadly it’s true. He’d be perfectly happy with the way things are- No titles- No commitment…

My issue is not knowing where this is going.
“I’m here… dag- You can be such a Pain In My A**.”
I think he just realized what he envisioned for the night- is gone.

Believe it or not he’s a good guy… I wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t… but I’m not into acting like everything is ok- when it’s not!… Like I’m satisfied with the way things are- When I’m NOT!

Did he not know we had unresolved issues before he asked me over here?

In our new world of BBM’s and Gmail conversations- where you can go back to something that was said weeks ago- all he had to do was Scroll Up…

Yea I could have held it in and gave into what normally happens at 1:47am… But I’m not into PRETENDING!!

**PIMA is an Alter-Ego that represents multiple conversations**


  1. Anonymous says:

    October 9th, 2010at 2:36 am(#)

    go girl!

  2. Anonymous says:

    October 10th, 2010at 9:30 pm(#)

    Is this a booty call?
    If it looks like it, walks like it and talks like it. It seems likely.

    The question isn't "What do you want from me?", it's "What do I want from you?" and "Have you given me reason to believe I can get it from you?"

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