Where my girl at? – With her man!

November 10th, 2010  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Dating Chatter, Videos

Now anyone that knows me- knows I have a group of girlfriends- who mean the world to me. We laugh together, cry together, and have been living the single life— together… but lately one of my Besties has been M.I.A. — Why you ask? Ofcourse… She’s got a man!

Now on the one hand I am happy for her, I’ve been super supportive, and I understand they need their one-on-one time– but on the other hand it’s been 2 months of missed events and missed dinners… Mostly because they are now attached at the hip (in a cute way), and her new man is not really interested in tagging along with her to hang out with the girls…

And that’s typical for A LOT of guys- Lord knows my ex never wanted to go with me ANYWHERE… While on the flip-side I’d accompany him EVERYWHERE…

Why is that??

Now I’m not saying every single celebration or get-together, but why do women, so often, have to always hear “No” when we ask our men to come out with us? Be our dates?

I put that question to one of my guy friends, while interviewing him for my last SexReally.com Vlog.

So… Not to be confused with the “Hatin’ Best friend”- I’m going to let my Bestie do her thing…

She has since promised to make a better effort to show up to things… but I’ll just quietly continue to CC her on plans made via email- and just pray she’ll be there… with or without her man.

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