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November 15th, 2010  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, My Two Cents

As I’ve said before- one of the best parts of traveling to me- is the food. I love getting to taste the local dishes and experience the local night-life. My time in Miami was no different.
Hands down the BEST thing I ate during my visit was this Grilled Shrimp Skewers (with Habanero – coriander Lime Crème)- served right at my hotel @ the Gansevoort Miami Beach’s Rooftop restaurant- Plunge.

This is the drink I kept ordering: Almond Berry Daiquiri- It was wasn’t very strong, but very good none-the-less!

Every morning in Miami was a search for the next awesome, yet cheap Brunch spot. Day one we headed to a recommendation made by a friend of mine: The Front Porch

They got my favorite style of eggs, over-hard, right! And I especially loved the Pumpernickel toast- Nice touch!

Our next two mornings there always started with a plan to go back to The Front Porch, but then we’d get distracted by a Breakfast special too good to pass by…

At Cardozo Bar & Grill we ordered the following for $4.25 each… I can vouch for the Belgian Waffles and the Eggs- Both were on point!

Belgian Waffles
Eggs (Over-Hard), Bacon, & Toast

Egg-White Spinach Omelet & Toast

On day two we decided to take a two buses to get from South Beach to Lil Havana. Once there we ate at Exquisito Restaurant

The Steak was just right- I got mine medium-well.

Another recommendation made by a friend was a Cuban Restaurant called Puerto Sagua

I had a chicken Empanada. It was good, but growing up in the Bronx I’ve had better.

My meal though, Ropa Vieja with Rice and Platanos, was amazing!

Our last night is Miami- we decided to do it BIG and spend a little $$$ to get really good seafood. We found Grillfish on the UrbanSpoon app on my phone.

For an Appetizer- Calamari

My main dish was worth every penny. I had the Seafood Fra Diavlo- which included Mussels, Clams, Shrimp, and Calamari in a marinara sauce over Linguine

My travel and eating companion, Diana had: Shrimp Scampi. She enjoyed it, but said she expected more flavor- especially since it smelled really good.

Before going to Miami I’d heard so much about Wet Willie’s… from soooo many people. And everyone raved of there famous drinks like: Call-A-Cab…

The prices were more then what I expected, but still cheap for how much you get!

I got some samples before investing on a whole drinks- tried their Mojito Mojo, Call-A-Cab, something else, and Monster Melon. I thought Call-A-Cab tasted like cough syrup… and went with the Monster Melon instead… It was tangy and just better :)

And finally…Dessert @ The News Cafe both were HUGE and great!

Brownie Sundae

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream

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