5 ways to Keep Sex Interesting

December 8th, 2010  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Dating Chatter, Videos

In my latest SexReally Vlog: How Do You Talk About Sex?

I ask if people are speaking up when it come to their sex life… Well- if your answer is no or if you’re just in a temporary rut- here are 5 interesting ways to get what you want- while hearing your partner’s needs too!

1) Create a Coupon Book: Get creative and make your partner free passes for the extra things that are normally saved for special occasions. These coupons should be redeemable for whenever your partner chooses. Include things like: 1 Full body massage, 1 “What’s Your Fantasy?” Night, and 1 Hot Bath for Two


2) Invest in some Relationship Games:
Whether it’s a board game or a book of questions- games are a fun, lighthearted way to start “the conversation”. While playing, you get to find out your partners desires and tell them yours too.

3) Take a trip to Ricky’s or attend a passion party: Don’t be afraid to bring “enhancers” into the bedroom. This includes Vibrators, Edible Underwear, Flavored Lube and Condoms, and DVD’s to name a few.


4) Make a Sexy Meal:
We all know food can be great aphrodisiac-there’s chocolate, strawberries, honey, whip cream, oysters and on and on… well bring a few of these things together and your partner will get the message.


5) Be spontaneous:Don’t fall into a routine! Always remember to switch it up. This can happen in subtle ways: Come up behind her and kiss her while she’s doing dishes, or slip into the shower when he showering before bed, or after dinner, take her for drinks at the W Hotel, and once she’s ready to go home- present her with key to the room you’ve booked for the night… Hotel rooms are NOT just for people hooking up– a change in venue for couples– can definitely spice things up!

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