Reaction: Waiting For Superman

March 2nd, 2011  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, My Two Cents

Boy this has been an emotional week for me! I just watched Waiting for Superman a documentary about our failing public school system, and I am writing this through blurry eyes… It was so painful to watch the futures of the students being featured, determined by a random lottery into a charter school– with a 1 out of 100 odds… Even sadder to think of the parents that were too busy struggling to put food on the table, to even enter the  life-changing-lottery in the first place…

So many points in this documentary resonated with me… we all had those teachers that obviously wanted to be in the classroom less then we did… all of my Dewitt Clinton friends who had Mr. Z for Physics can definitely relate- This man let us talk everyday- feed us answers on tests… we all got 90′s during the semester, yet failed the regents #smh… What of waste of our times as students and the tax dollars that paid his salary.

Now we all know that every documentary has an agenda, and this one was obviously on the side of charter schools, so no it doesn’t tell the whole story. I do know there are some great teachers out there. I had A LOT of them myself, but after watching this documentary– I wonder how much of that was because I was in High School prep in Jr High and College bound classes in High School. *sigh*

Personally I am all for a change– something NEEDS to changed! But I must admit I don’t know where to even start. All I know is I need to start saving my pennies to make sure my niece has access to all the options in the world… private schools, boarder schools, or moving to a new school district.

What are your thoughts? Solutions?

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