Yes: I watch Basketball Wives

August 17th, 2011  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, My Two Cents

“You call yourself Pro-Black-Women and you watch Basketball Wives?”

That’s what my best guy friend told me yesterday after I twitted that I spent Monday afternoon catching up on Basketball Wives Season 3- just in time for the Reunion Show.

“That show is the #1 offender when it comes to making black woman look bad and you’re supporting it?”

First of all… As much as I would like all women to hold hands and sing Kumbayah – its never going to happen. Personalities clash, tempers sometimes get the best of us, and the ‘hood’ in some of us is bound to come out. Mix that with a little backstabbing and drink throwing– and you’ve got an Episode of Basketball Wives.

It-is-what-it-is! And I should be able to escape from a hectic day, by sitting back , and enjoying  all the drama on that show (with my hands over my eyes 75% of the time of course) without THEIR behavior representing ME.

Which brings me to my second point… My issue with the way black woman have traditionally been portrayed in the media is we’re mostly concentrated in reality TV and that only happenes when we act out, get angry, and are ready to fight at a drop of a dime. And yes that is how some black woman are in real life (some White, Hispanic, and Asian woman too) but its NOT all black woman.

More than anything I am constantly saying: We are not all monolithic. We are individuals!

So yes I enjoy watching basketball wives. I love how straight forward Tami is and how unfazed Royce appears by all the hate she gets. I enjoy how business minded Evelyn is (despite her constant use of the “B” word) and I felt like crying for Jen, when her ex husband threw a drink in her face. As individuals ok- these woman are a mess most of the show, but they are also smart, driven, mothers and daughters.

And at the same time I’m supporting Basketball Wives- I’m also supporting Tia and Tamera Mowry’s new reality show on the Style Network. Of course I had to find the Style Network first- but I must say I’m a now fan. I never missed an episode of Sister Sister, and watching them now navigate getting married and being pregnant… 1. Confirms that I’m indeed getting older and 2. Black woman have many interesting story lines that need to be told.

And I’ll be taking them all in!

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