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This month I boarded an Amtrak train and sat the 11 hours it takes to get to Montreal, Canada. Originally I was only going for 3 days, but there is sooooo much to see and do in Montreal– that I decided to extend my trip to 7 days… one of the perks of Freelancing!

As always food was a big part of what I did while I was away. Wherever I go– I love to see  and experience how the locals eat. So here is a review of my Montreal meals:

On my first night in town my friend (and tour guide) Mariam, informed me that Montreal is famous for their smoked meat, and she took me to Reuben’s Deli. Vegetarians Beware! Every type of meat you can think of is on the menu. I had Smoked Pastrami and fries. Mariam had Spaghetti with guess what? Smoked Meat… Everything I ate was delicious!


During a trip to Old Montreal we had lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs, which as the story goes, was started by a family of brewers in 1986, who were not happy with their beer options at the time, and decided to bring back non-pasteurized beer and their traditional recipes. Sadly I don’t like the taste of beer, so I didn’t have any with my 3 Brasseurs burger.


Following in President Obama’s footsteps I could not leave Canada without tasting their traditional sweet snack, Beavertail. Me and Mariam got ours by Montreal’s Old Port.

We got Chocolate & Banana and Apple & Cinnamon. Though I’m all for following local traditions- both the Beavertails we ordered had way too much sugar for me. So I would suggest sharing one with a friend, unless you have a big sweet tooth.


We did Portuguese one day at Le Barcelos Grillades. And if you like your food spicy- they had a freshly made hot sauce that was amazing! Like all the restaurants we pasted by daily- we were able to eat this meal outside- which is so French and I love it!


It was rainy towards the end of my time in Montreal, so we ate inside Eggspectation for Brunch one day. I ordered the Eggsuberant, which came with sooooo much food: Two eggs (any style- I had mine over-hard), pancakes, grilled tomatoes, sausage, grilled potatoes, watermelon, and my favorite part of the meal- unlimited coffee.


Got this Chinese pastry from a Chinese Bakery at  Montreal’s Guy-Concordia Metro stop. They also sell a huge variety of buns with everything from Curry Chicken to Bbq Pork inside. I was too busy talking and eating to document this meal properly.


Because Montreal is a French speaking city- Africans from francophone countries dominate the African population there, so of course I could not leave without getting some Senegalese food. We went to Restaurant Tomboucto for some Thieboudienne. They didn’t have the green sauce that usually is apart of this meal, but because everything else was so good I let that go.


For my final meal in Montreal I was taken to an Ethiopian restaurant called Le Nil Bleu. There were six of us at dinner and we ordered three different combination plates like this one (all including one beef, one chicken, one lamb, and one vegetable), and we all shared. Everything was really good!

By the way…

Restaurants in Montreal are perfect for the broke college student — or just broke people in general. You can quietly order the cheapest thing on the menu, with only water to wash it down– while everyone else orders drinks and appetizers. And the waiter will automatically ask those magic words: “Separate checks?” Another perk I enjoyed: the waiter comes to the table with the charge machine- ready to take your payment on the spot. Every time! Every restaurant I went to!


Bad News: No. I didn’t get a chance to have Poutine. Montreal’s signature food. (Even McDonalds sells it). I was going to have it here, but Mariam said there was a better place to get it… and I only eat by recommendations while I’m away. Sadly we never made it to the better place. Good News: Poutine is a reason to visit Montreal again next year!


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