(APP) Your Perspective: NABJ Or UNITY? Roland Martin Says Where He’s Going Next Year

August 31st, 2011  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Podcast

Listen HereHey guys. It’s me Ms. Veralyn. And welcome to All About Perspectives!

So it’s been a while since my last show—a little over 3 weeks—and that’s because I did a little traveling. First I went to Philly for the National Association of Black Journalists convention also known as NABJ- for some professional development and then I went to Montreal for some “living”. Pictures can be seen at: Facebook.com/VeralynMedia. While you’re there feel free to “Like” the page. [Also see Montreal Meals]

During my time away I decided that instead of the podcast being a once a week 20 minute long show– I am going to break the segments up… so you will get one of my segments every Sunday and every Wednesday.

Well now that all the shoptalk is out of the way—lets get into the show. Time for: Your Perspective!

So I mentioned I’m a NABJ member—well traditionally every 4 years ALL the journalists of color organizations come together for one conference called UNITY, but this year NABJ released a statement saying:

UNITY no longer is the most financially prudent for NABJ and its membership. NABJ, with the support of members of the Founders’ Task Force and Council of Presidents, will withdraw from UNITY and its 2012 convention.

So next year UNITY will take place in Las Vegas and NABJ will take place in New Orleans.

Now personally I was a little troubled by this decision because one of the biggest aspects of any convention is the job fair and often times if an organization wont send representatives to each individual conference— they’ll make sure they’re at UNITY, because everyone (NABJ, NAHJ, NAJA, AAJA) is there.

So with that in mind I was a little conflicted about which conference to go to next year. That is until I heard former NBC chief diversity officer, Paula Madison speak on the subject.

Picture courtersy of: NABJ Convention Blog

“Don’t be fooled you need to be at NABJ because no matter how you define yourself you are defined by the rest of the world as black… I’m not telling you don’t go to UNITY. If you only have one place to be, then there you go.” -Paula Madison, former NBC chief diversity officer

I spoke with CNN correspondent Roland Martin, who shared Mrs. Madison’s point of view– to find out why he feels that way.

*Roland Martin Interview – Show Feature*

Side note I got this interview with Mr. Martin in the lobby of our hotel. I just walked up to him. Told him what I would like to talk about, asked him for an interview, and he said sure. The ability to do that and get some honest advice at the same time—is exactly what I love about NABJ. And it’s why I’ll be in New Orleans next year.

What do you think? Do you agree with my choice to go to NABJ next year? Are you a member a NABJ member? If so- where will you be going?

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