Killing Awlaqi Sends USA Down a Dangerous Path

October 3rd, 2011  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, My Two Cents

On Friday it was reported that Anwar al-Awlaqi, a U.S. born Al-queda leader was killed in Yemen, by U.S. airstrikes. The AFP reported,

US President Barack Obama on Friday said the killing of Awlaqi was a “major blow” to Al-Qaeda, adding it marked a “milestone in the broader effort to defeat” the terror network.

In response to this news, my uncle Ed, who normally is anti-social media and who would sooner read your book then your blog post, asked me how he can share his thoughts on what happened. Here’s what he had to say:

By Edward Fraser-Davies

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this all day, so let me get some words down about this topic.

When I first saw the headline this morning of a top Al-queda leader killed, my initial thought was ‘cool, the US seals or anti-terrorism team is doing a great job, we’ve got a lot of “those guys” who want to kill us’.

But when reading the article, I started getting the chills really. Especially the part of drones used to do it and tracking the guy for weeks or however long it was. All I know about Al-Awlaki is the dose of news clips pushed down my brains by the media.

I was taken back by the thought of– ouch– pretend for one second that a mistake was made. (I know that is such a far flung idea, being that we definitely know Iraq had yellowcake -getting hungry now- and an imminent threat existed to freedom loving folks , blah blah… I digress) So, someone you know is just going about their day and whack. Snuffed out just like that from the sky.

Don’t get me wrong. I know the downtrodden (those that can be reached by these clerics into believing the only way is violence) are out to attack us. But don’t you think some of the policies of our government are leading down a dark path? (I must say I want to a prefix this with “I Love the United States,” as I don’t know if that’s a plane or weather balloon or …)

Seriously though, no trial, no judicial involvement and a US citizen is snuffed out. That makes me think of darker times in history. How exactly is it that the Third Reich (Nazi Germany) can honestly be labeled evil from day one? What conditions made things turn to eventually the mass killings of their own citizens? All I’m saying is that things start small and then grow. Hitler didn’t come into power saying he wants to exterminate all Jews.

I pray for us. I hope that we stay true to ourselves in this horrible type of war we are in post 9/11. I don’t want us become the enemy we so desperately want to defeat. Am I the only one who’s worried?

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