5 Things I Wish My Mom Had Told Me About Sex

November 23rd, 2011  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Dating Chatter, Featured, Videos

Recently I asked how you learned about sex:


From what I gathered from the people I spoke to, most of us did not get the “sex talk” from our parents. We talked about sex with our friends or older siblings, or just learned as we went along. This got me thinking: What would have been nice to have known as a teenager?

Here are 5 things I wish my mom had told me about sex:

1. “It’s not that serious! Go ahead and love him, but love yourself more.”

Though I probably wouldn’t have listened at the time, I wish someone would have qualified the love I was in during high school. The love that had me sneaking out my house in the middle of the night and made me lie to my parents about where I was and what I was doing. Now, looking back, I can only wonder what the hell I was thinking. Not only was I giving up my goodies—disrespecting my parents and therefore myself in the process—but it was all for a guy I wouldn’t even give the time of day to if I met him tomorrow. #LessonLearned

2. “You deserve an orgasm just as much as he does.”

Now, I know a lot of grown women don’t necessarily know this either, but I really wish it was on a billboard somewhere. Sadly, it wasn’t until my last relationship that I figured out how this truly goes down. In the past, the window for me having an orgasm was dependent on it happening before his did. Well, in a healthy sexual relationship (I’ve discovered) after one person gets their needs met, they will then be that much more invested in doing whatever it takes to get their partner’s needs met too. There are many ways to keep the party going…

3. “Talk about the sex—before you have it.”

I don’t know about you, but I never talked about sex with a guy I was dating until after we’d had sex. And I’ll admit it’s because I felt like talking about sex wasn’t something that “good girls” did. In my mind it was better to “go with the flow,” making sex something I allowed to happen to me—instead of it being something I thoughtfully made a decision to have. I wish someone had told me that asking, “What’s your favorite position?” or “How often do you like to have sex?” would only make asking, “When was your last STD test?” or “What type of condom do you prefer?” easier.

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Did you get any of these lessons growing up? What do you wish your parents told you?

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