Top 5 Records On Repeat In Sierra Leone

January 10th, 2012  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, My Two Cents  |  14 Comments

I just came back from spending 3 weeks in Sierra Leone for the holidays, and my feet have not recovered from all the dancing I did while I was there. One thing I LOVE about Sierra Leoneans (and most Africans in general) is we know how to have a good time! And I don’t care if it’s the club, a wedding reception, or a baby’s christening- everyone, young and old, is on the dance floor.

And at every party I attended, there were 5 songs every DJ knew to play. Songs I never heard before I landed in Sierra Leone, but they got me out of my seat every time, and I now know them word for word. Take a listen and thank me later:

1. Chop My Money, by P.Square


2. Oliver Twist, by D’Banj


3. Forver, by P.Square


4. Sex Machine, by Ruff N Smooth


5. Me Own Style, by Shady Baby


Honorable mention: Tutu Pati, by Emerson
This song has be reigning in Sierra Leone for over 5 years and it still brings everyone to the dance floor.


Now don’t you wish you were partying with me is Sierra Leone?

  • LegoMe LefMe

    Shaddy Babe no. 5…top 4 – Nigerian songs!!
    this shows that the country needs to do a lot in promoting its own songs
    I was in SL myself and trust me we have very good songs too..but no one plays them, the media is not helping…and if no one plays ur songs then no one is gonna kn abt them…and who will be better in promoting our own than ourselves!

  • Ms. Veralyn

    As I was putting together the list this occurred to me, but what Sierra Leonean songs besides “Me Own Style, by Shady Baby” got as much play as the top 4?

    • LegoMe LefMe

      Thats exactly my point…they dont play them…so u cant hear them…but they are there…check K-Mans recent songs, check out these songs…tell me if they’re not good sounds too,

      • LegoMe LefMe

        If u listen to these US radio channels they keep playing certain songs like 30 times a day…40 times a day!!…just one song…and even if u dont like the song, it doesnt matter, coz u gonna hear abt them all de time coz they’ll play them till u eventually like them
        So the media has a great role to play…these Nigerian songs, in my opinion, are not better than our songs, they just get too much attention than ours…so everyone starts getting a mind set, that SL songs come second to Nigerian songs…and e nor for be so…**no offence intended**

        • Ms. Veralyn

          These songs are good. I esp liked the K-Man “Nobody else” song- but honestly they don’t make me want to dance the way “Chop Me Money” and “Oliver Twist” does. Maybe the media and DJs are partly to blame, but good music is good music.

  • Emmanuel Feika

    Beautiful songs; lovely words.

  • Mo Du

    good list, I will also add the following songs…Na Love nor More…. Pas ah die and Muslim pikin…I heard those songs alot while I was in Salone…

    • LegoMe LefMe

      Thx Mo Du….let me post that song here too

      • Ms. Veralyn

        Yes! “Pass ah die” and “Pop Champagne” and “Party Starter” (aka: “Do as I do”)– but I don’t know if these are the official names of these songs. Couldn’t find them on youtube.

  • Yenoh Sesay

    May be artists need to market their music properly and in a better way. People don’t just wake up in the morning searching for good music. It reaches your private place with no invitation. I think they can do better than just producing in quantity than in quality. Or maybe, the non talented artists should just cut it, and give the good ones the air to allow their music to reach folks. The horrible music dem nar den borku pass the good wan dem and kin make person give up and ferginance sef.

    • LegoMe LefMe

      ‎@Horrible music boku pass de good ones”…..hahahhaha

      • Yenoh Sesay

        I remember when Hamid wrote about how everything should be looked as more as a business than just ‘leh we support we yone’. You have the fashion industry, the music industry–as part of the entertainment industry. You even have the food industry. All these industries work to reach out to the consumers—not the other way round. Where is our music industry? I don’t think there’s any at all. We have independent artists who strive to make whatever music hoping that coz their friends on FB press the like button, so everyone from Salone should support them. Hell to the No, you step up your game and i’ll do the same if you proudce something i can listen to and enjoy. Nortor becoz you padi lek u music mean say u for put am nar cd. Leh ar lef ba. lol. When you look at Naija music, you see that Dbanj, and the other great artists, have reps, labels, etc. Den nor just dae produce botoh bartar.

  • Steven Rogers

    Ms. Vera welcome back. I am glad that you enjoyed Freetown. Sierra leone is no doubt a “beautyful” place, inspite all its trials, recent past and extreme poverty. I was there recently in October to complete a research, and there is always that nostalgia to return. Yes, you are right, the songs you posted no doubt topped our holiday and closed 2011. But this does not in anyway suggest that Sierra Leonean songs are underappreciated. In recent years, there has been an increased level of appreciation for our songs in large part due to their improved quality. Unfortunately, in 2011, save for a few songs, our artists did not match their usual ‘block-burster’ songs as we have experienced in recent years. I noticed this in October and told a friend that I did not expect much in December. But this is normal. Furthermore, the growing influecne of Nigerian movies and songs have provided a competituve edge to our genre of music, making it even more important [and maybe difficult] for our artists to compete. I have always maintained that when it comes to songs, Sierra Leonean listeners are more qualitative than patriotic. The songs you posted have headlined the holidays not only in Sierra leone, but most african gatherings here in the USA.

  • bMD

    Thats my cousin on your page. I will be in SL in Jan. There at least once a year. It is a beutiful country and we are working to make it better.

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