5 Videos to Inspire and Motivate

February 6th, 2012  |  by Ms. Veralyn |  Published in Blog, To Do List  |  1 Comment

Whenever you have a dream, you will always have events or people in your life that will try and derail your focus. And for most of us, the number one person holding us back, is ourselves. Trust me- I know first hand. As a woman working to make my mark in media- I sometimes question my decision to not just go back into finance and be an accountant. Lord knows my bank account would be a lot happier if I did. But then I am reminded of how much fuller my life is now- because I’m perusing something I love to do.

But as much as I would like to say I came to this realization on my own- I can not. There are a few videos- made by my mentors (in my head)- that not only inspire me, but I use them as career affirmations constantly. I also find myself sharing them with friends and family members, who are struggling with their career or a direction for their lives… so I thought I’d share them with my VM family as-well.

1. Will Smith Shares His Secrets of Success

Affirmation: “There’s no reason to have a plan B, because it distracts from plan A.”

2. Oprah Tells How She Used The Secret

Affirmation: “The way you think- creates a reality for yourself.”

3. Eric Thomas: How Bad Do You Want Success

Affirmation: “Don’t cry to give up. Cry to keep going.”

4. Amy DuBois Barnett, Book: Get Yours!

Affirmation: “Embrace fear as growth.”

Click to watch video on her site:

5. Tyler Perry: “How to be Successful” (New Addition)

Affirmation: “All you can do is plant your seed in the ground, water it, and believe.”

Hope you are inspired as much as I am by these folks!

  • Sean Felder

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