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March 15th, 2012  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Dating Chatter, Videos  |  1 Comment

Over my dating history I have come to realize that I am not very romantic. At least not in the way most of the movies and TV shows I watch tell me I should be. Don’t get me wrong—I am thoughtful, especially when it comes to giving gifts or planning a date… but when it comes to the mushy parts like holding hands, whispered I-love-yous, and candlelit dinners, I haven’t been able to make that leap often.

This flaw of mine has gone virtually unnoticed—and my theory on why? I’d say it’s because I’m female and African. I’ll explain.

…because I’m female!

As my latest vlog (above) shows, guys get way more pressure to be romantic than women do. It’s like it’s expected that women already have romance in our blood or something. Romance is equated with love, which is equated with affection… all things we’re supposed to get from our mothers and therefore have as woman. So… apparently men have to prove they can match our natural-born romantic tendencies.

…because I’m African!

The first place a child feels love and affection (in a perfect world) is from their parents, but the way “love” is expressed is different in different cultures. Based on a conversation with my dad and my sister, I realized that the reserved way my Sierra Leonean parents showed their love definitely shaped my ability to be romantic. They both agreed…

Like my sister points out during my interview with her, communication is everything! That and being open to trying romance—even if it’s just to make the person you’re with happy. And luckily for (the future) him, I’m up for both.

*Check out the vlog that got me thinking about this subject: What is Romance?

Originally posted over at Bedsider on 3/15/12.

  • dana

    romance definetly plays a part in a relationship well depending on the intensity of the relationship because some guys just haven’t got a clue at all. The flowers romatic diner and rose petal bubble baths maybe old fashion but it sure can set te atmosphere.

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  • Yes. This is how I feel.

    I often don’t know what to do with my anger. As a person that tries take control of, well, most things. The deep, uncontrollable, painful, bitter, gutting anger I often feel is getting harder and harder to mask. Especially when I don’t have time to plan for it.

    It hits me on my walk home from work,
    or right before I turn on my iPad for late night TV via Netflix,
    or right before I get out the shower.

    Every time I stop and think.

    When I think about the lack of humanity I see reflected back at me, when I look into the eyes of the beat cops, standing at the corner by my house.

    When I run for the bus, get on, find my metro card, sit down, take that exasperated breath and hear “I can’t breath” in my subconscious.

    When I’m trying to remember the first time I realized “protect and serve” did not apply to me, anyone that looks like me, or anyone that would come from me.

    When I thought “who wants to be a black mother” after I watched Fruitville station.

    Or the fact I can’t list them ALL without google.

    Trying to control this… feeling inside me is only making it grow. I’m trying not to let this cancer invade my joy. I feel like I’m disappointing Mama Maya. If self care is an act of political warfare, then at this moment I’m losing, and I don’t know how to change the tide.

    Will keep trying. Tomorrow is another day.

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