Love and career, 2012: Looking back, moving forward!

January 1st, 2013  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Dating Chatter, Videos  |  1 Comment

Last year at this time I was contemplating whether I could have both love and a career in 2012 and a year later… I still don’t really know. One thing I will say: by allowing myself to fully let go of the past, I did open myself up to meeting an amazing guy. A guy I did fall hopelessly in love with—for all the things on the checklist I threw away back in 2011.

He’s funny, supportive, God-fearing, loves me too, and being with him actually flipped my I-want-to-be-married-one-day switch to “on.” However, he comes with baggage I never anticipated when imagining my perfect guy—he has kids. And though my career goals can make room for him, I soon realized I am not interested in, nor up for the emotional and (let’s be real) financial commitment that comes with being a stepmom. (…Or any mom for that matter—hence my IUD!)

So here it is, another year, and I’m making the decision to let go and start over. Again. I feel empowered knowing that if I’m open, the universe will provide, but at the same time—if I’m being completely honest—it’s exhausting! So I will be taking things slow for a while. And at least I now know that it’s not just about “love”—falling in love is the easy part. The hard part is committing.

When it comes to my career I LOVE what I do, and I am very committed to all the challenges I will face along my way to being “Oprah.” Now, if I can find a man I’m as committed to, I think that’s when long-lasting-love and a career can co-exist—but only if there is a balance. That’s why for my latest vlog, I spoke to 3 women taking on their own work-life-balance journeys. Here’s how they’re working through things:

How was your 2012? Did you manage to have it all—success, personally and professionally?

Originally posted over at Bedsider on 12/31/12.


  1. #17: Removing my IUD :: Veralyn Media says:

    June 19th, 2013at 4:46 am(#)

    [...] I haven’t been having sex much these days. I decided to be celibate after I broke up with my ex, but with this impending removal day, I decided to let my IUD go out with a bang (literally)… [...]

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