Breaking News: Major Vick is my brother!

June 10th, 2013  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Personal Essays

Today I discovered that my little brother, who apparently goes by the name Major Vick, has a youtube channel! Ok. He may have mentioned it to me before, but the conversation went something like this:

Major Vick: Vera. Can you help me put videos on youtube?

Me: Sure! Come over and we can talk about it. Do you have a camera? What do you want to make videos about? What will you use to edit? How does this fit into you’re over all goals?… advice, advice, advice…

Major Vick: [Never heard from him on this subject again.]

Apparently he figured it out! My guess: he wasn’t interested in talking about doing it- he just wanted to do it. And I must say I am impressed! Not just because he’s my brother, because if anything, that made me more critical. After watching all 33 videos he’s posted, I did cringe every time he cursed, or used the term “no homo,” or when he mentioned his love for fried chicken because he’s black… but most of all I felt absolute pride! His raw energy reminds me of me, during my spoken-word days… before I got all bogged down by what it means to be a “mediamaker.” 

And I honestly never knew my often-described-as-quiet brother, had so much personality… in fact he’s funny! Here he is impersonating costumers he’s encountered working retail:

I don’t really know what this means, but I learned more about my brother’s personality and talent through watching his videos, then I did spending time with him just yesterday. Over and over again he drove home the point that he was “just doing this for fun” and as a way to “get better” doing comedy. I had no idea he even wanted to be a comedian– not professionally anyway. And if I did know, who knows what my advice would have been, I just love that he found and committed to doing things his way.

This is a HUGE Aha moment for me! I’ve been so mentally focused on the girls in my family, I neglected the one boy I’ve known everyday of his life. Well unconditionally- Major Vick now has a new NUMBER ONE FAN! (Who can easily switch into sister-mode as soon as he needs advice… whether he knows he needs it or not. lol)

Oowww– maybe I can get him to do a video with me??!!

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