My “I am” poem

June 13th, 2013  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Personal Essays

I have sat down with the intention of “writing a poem,” a few times during this writing challenge… but frankly, it’s felt like such an overwhelming task, in this “Def Poetry” world we now live in. I think about the reaction to my words, before I can write them. To me, poetry universally has this ability to touch people with words. To share a story using verbal-hills and punch-line-valleys. To make a difference. To inspire. But I’ve been struggling with how to start… So I took a page from my MCC Youth Theater days, and simply started with: “I am”

I am…

I am a storyteller.
A writer… who’s working on her spelling.
I think faster than I type. I’m too reliant on spell-check. And I often write last minute.
One piece at a time… I will overcome!

I am a woman with energy.
I go to the gym. I enthusiastically cook my own meals.
And despite my unlimited metrocard, I walk from the east to the west side for free wifi.
I am mastering the art of stacking up those steps.

I am an African child.
Born in the town of the free. Yes. Our beaches ARE the best in the world.
Salone. Where “lunch” means at least 1 stew, 1 plassas, and of course sweet jalloff rice.
For me- a party ain’t a party- if my clothes stay dry.

I am a world traveler.
A jet-setter… addicted to travel deals.
Everyday I read travel promotions with the intensity of a New York Times front page.
I am forever looking for my next adventure.

I am in search of my true purpose.
Working to realize my fullest potential emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.
The balancing act of it all is such a process!
Being an adult it hard.

I am a daughter, sister, niece, aunty, friend.
I have always and will always be more than just a statistic or an exception.
I am a sexual being waiting for her partner, but not in a distressed-princess kinda way.
I am comfortable in my wait.

I am living life.
Not taking anything for granted.
Praying that my mark on this world will be felt for generations to come.
Making sure I’m prepared.

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