Removing my IUD

June 19th, 2013  |  by Veralyn Williams |  Published in Blog, Personal Essays  |  4 Comments

I’ve decided to remove my IUD.

(Wow. It was hard for me to even write that. How the hell am I going to go through with this?)

As I was saying… I’ve decided to remove my IUD. Well actually get it removed. (You should never try and remove an IUD yourself!) And today is D-day. I’ll be heading to the same Planned Parenthood location that inserted my well researched, birth control solution. (Heavy breath…)

This decision has NOT been made lightly. As you may have read (maybe in the 1 of 3 posts I’ve written on the subject), I have been dealing with a lot of skin issues. And the most frustrating part– mostly to the “control freak” in me– is that I still don’t know what caused my skin to go down this path in the first place.

Let me say here that there is absolutely NO research of ANY kind to implicates my beloved IUD as the cause of my skin troubles, but for my own peace of mind I’ve decided to put my body back in neutral. This means removing everything “unnatural” out of my system. So I’m off gluten, gone (mostly) organic, avoiding anything with aspartame, and since I opted for the 7-year Mirena IUD (with hormones)… instead of the 12-year ParaGard IUD (without hormones)… my IUD has to go too.

Today is truly a sad day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a public space with rambunctious (or just plain rude and loud) children, and I immediately thought, “Thank God for my IUD.” 

It gave me peace of mind in a way I didn’t think existed. Sure I’ve used some combination of condoms, the pill, and pulling out, pre-IUD… but how many dudes on Maury claimed the same thing, just to hear, “You are the father!” — I loved that after it was inserted, there was nothing else I had to do to be 99.9% protected.

On this sad day I take a moment to consider… what the hell am I going to do?! 

Ironically, I haven’t been having sex much these days. I decided to be celibate after I broke up with my ex, but with this impending removal day, I let my IUD go out with a bang (literally)… further proving, you never know what tomorrow might bring. So yes – I need a to figure out a new plan, because I refuse to let that mean a baby.

Just had a scary thought: What if this is some “Final Destination” crap? Meaning no matter how much I try to escape death (well, in this case a baby)… its my destiny and I will get hit by the bus. #LordHaveMercy

  • David Smith

    Wow, I’m really feeling for you over here. I can’t see how this is possibly going to help, but I feel compelled to share. Here’s what a sack of 500 condoms looks like. I procured it yesterday from probably the coolest sex educator in Queens.

    • Ms. Veralyn

      Wooooo! So that’s what 500 condoms look like… lol

  • Cass

    not interested enough to look at the rest of your blog (umn, not mean/rude, just honest in a blunt sort of past-my-bedtime way) … but for future readers who stumble upon this blog entry (because of your nifty RIP IUD image, in my case) and are as (okay, I admit it, LAZY!) I am …. did you get pregnant yet? or what did you do for further birth control? Did your skin clear up??! :)

  • AroundHarlem

    Update please: Did your skin issues clear up?

    What about your hair? Notice any difference? Mine is thinning my hair.

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