I started Veralyn Media out of a desire to tell the stories of others. As a teen I was given many opportunities to make my voice heard. First as a member of MCC Theater’s Youth Company, then as a Girls Write Now member, and finally as a WNYC Radio Rookie. These programs empowered me to speak up and ask questions when I saw things in my personal life, in my community, and in society that just didn’t sit well with me. And now I can’t stop asking questions!

Anyone that knows me- knows I love to network and meet new people. I am one of those people that when asking: “How are you?” – I genuinely want to know the answer.  And so, Veralyn Media is a multimedia website that is, All About Perspectives.

The Blog will bring you perspectives on Dating and Relationships, on different aspects of Living Life from hair advice to food reviews to what’s going on in the media. You will also find Veralyn Media features: VConnect and Pima.

VConnect: We all know how important networking is and it’s one of my favorite things to do in this world- Mostly because I love getting to know people and being inspired and motivated by their story- And that’s what you’ll find here. People who are following their passions and doing amazing things. Some just starting out- and some already masters in their field.

Pima: My Alter Ego (and maybe yours too). I was dubbed PIMA by an ex-boyfriend– it stands for: Pain In My A**. Instead of fighting her- I’ve decided that sometimes PIMA has a point to be made- and I just let her be when I agree with that point. These posts will be honest and satirical at times. And they will represent conversations I’ve had and stories I’ve heard from friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends.

The Podcast: All About Perspectives - Subscribe in iTunes Here!  The show will feature one of following segments:

Controversy in the Blogosphere – Every week there is a topic that is circulating every social media outlet and all the blogs. So in this segment I will bring in the different sides of the debate and read some of the Facebook comments and Tweets I come across.

Your Perspective – Here I will be bringing in YOUR voice and opinions on the topic of the week, by doing what I love to do most… Interview! I also want this segment to be an outlet for the extra footage of the interviews I do for SexReally.com.

“Oh Really?” – So you know those top 3 or top 5 or top 10 lists Bloggers write to give us advice on relationships, dating, the way we live, sex, ect… well I spend my time reading them anyway- so I’ll be sharing my favorite ones in this segment! And in between I’ll be giving my two-cents on what is being said.

Rhythm & Beats – Before my love for media and reporting… there was Music. Here I will get the opportunity– from time to time– to analyze what’s dominating our airwaves and highlight the music that unfortunately- is not! I will also explore the music that has shaped different generations and the lives of individuals I encounter.

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