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Lady Zombie is a Mistress of All Trades based in the concrete jungle of New York City. A visual and performance artist/entertainer, she has established herself internationally as a published fetish/alternative model and writer, the lead singer/lyricist of the band Deviant Trust and a solo artist, an independent film actress, a practicing dominatrix and also the hostess/producer of several Rock & Roll, Gothic and S&M events in the New York City tri-state area. Her world is one of pain, pleasure & sin... if you can take it, come on in!




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7 S&M Party Etiquette Tips

BY LADY ZOMBIE: By now we’ve all heard Rihanna “S&M” hit: Cause I may be bad- But I’m perfectly good at it… Sex in the air- I don’t care- I love the smell of it… Sticks and stones… May break my bones… But chains and whips excite me… Well has it piqued your curiosity? Enough […]

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