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#27: Choosing to Breathing

I always knew, I wanted to be doing, exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve always been stubborn or as my parents always put it, “fussy,” that way. In elementary school I wanted to be a singer, more specifically I wanted to be Brandy. At 11 years old I remember sitting on my parents bed [...]

#26: Reporting on “Love in the Bay Area”

So… I know, I’m slacking a little… The diligence and discipline I had when I started this writing challenge has faded a bit, but I can explain… 1) I’ve started to write about stuff that yes- even I am not ready to share with the world. Some things must be reserved for “the book.” 2) I’ve been gearing up for MY [...]

#25: My first job: An untold story

Ok. I think it’s finally safe to write publicly, about this time in my life… so here goes: In high school I was such a planner. And like today, I was always making a to-do-list. And during my senior year, what I “needed to-do” started to really add up money-wise. There was spirit-week, when everyday [...]

#24: Just want to date? 4 Tips from The Sex-Positive Parent

Last month Bedsider sent me to, The Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, & San Francisco), to talk to folks their about dating, relationships, and sex lives. [Side note: New vlog, “Love in the Bay Area” up Monday! Meantime watch one of my past Bedsider volgs] And in between talking to strangers about their personal stories, I reconnected with [...]

#23: Civil Rights Era 2.0

Civically… there is a lot going on in this moment. Starting on Monday the Supreme Court has ruled on affirmative action, the Voting Rights Act, and same-sex marriage. And on top of all that, my online world erupted last night as Sen. Wendy Davis and her army of protesters blocked Anti-Abortion Legislation In Texas. AND as if all that wasn’t [...]

#22: Just found out I have “obesity”

Have you heard? Obesity (aka: having too much body fat) is now being classified as a disease, by the American Medical Association. Now, I’ve read the arguments for this decision: they want “policy makers and insurers to take this epidemic seriously”, and to get health care providers to “promote access to prevention, treatment and comprehensive coverage determinations.”  – Ok. Yes. Both [...]

#21: Top 10 Unsent Posts (part 2)

I once again feel all over the place mentally… so I thought I’d do another “10 Facebook updates… unsent,” as the first one was also so much fun! 1. Nelson Mandela’s health has deteriorated and he is now in critical condition. I actually did just (finally) post about this, but I’ve been avoiding this story like the plague all day. That selfish [...]

#20: My “say something!” moment at Planned Parenthood

It’s official… I am fertile again. On Wednesday I headed to Planned Parenthood (PP) with one goal… To get my IUD removed. [Read why here. It had nothing to do with a lack of birth control love.] Before my actual appointment though, I had a financial appointment. Now that I’m “the-new-face-of-poor” I wanted to see [...]

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