Black Women Are Winning the Podcast Game

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Black Women Are Winning the Podcast Game

Originally written for EBONY.com  From Angie Martinez to Wendy Williams, Black women were a consistent voice on the hip-hop and R&B stations I listened to growing up. But when I began wanting more talk, and less music, Brian Lehrer and Ira Glass (White male hosts that I enjoy) were waiting for me at the “front door” […]

Third Rail Express: #IndictTheSystem

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Third Rail Express: #IndictTheSystem

#IndictTheSystem: We discuss the non indictment of both cops who killed an unarmed Mike Brown in Ferguson and Eric Gardner in Staten Island, and the on-going protesting that has followed these grand jury decisions. And we ask what does real social justice organizing look like in this moment? Originally posted on Brooklyn Deep.

What We Should Have Gotten From #BringBackOurGirls

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What We Should Have Gotten From #BringBackOurGirls

On the morning I heard about the 200+ Nigerian girls who were kidnapped at their Chibok boarding school by the militant group Boko Haram I was with guy I’m seeing, who happens to be Nigerian. We were listening to the BBC and he (basically) assured me this happens all the time, that they (Boko Haram) […]

Returning Home After 25 Years

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Returning Home After 25 Years

Originally written for Turnstyle News. It had been 25 years since my mom, Lois Williams, saw Freetown, Sierra Leone: the place she was born and raised, schooled, married, and had me, her first of three children. My parents left Sierra Leone in 1986, five years before the official start to the 11 year civil war that […]

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  • Remember #BringBackOurGirls? This Is What Happened In The 5 Months Since

    As I mentally prepare to watch and discuss ‪#‎GirlsRising‬ today– a film that portrays the lives of nine young girls from around the world describing the challenges they face being denied an education– I googled “chibok kidnapping nigeria." 

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    My new essay explores how Beyonce’s feminist stance in pop culture helped frame my own feminist awakening:

    “I am in my 30s and was emboldened by Beyonce’s feminist stance on that stage, and can’t help but believe that that image will be equally as powerful to young people who witness that moment, whose first engagement with feminism will be that moment. Maybe, just maybe, Beyonce will serve as the bridgebetween pop culture and feminists like bell and Barbara and Audre, maybe some young woman bobbing her head to ‘Blow’ or ‘Partition’ or ‘Flawless’ will do so while reading Ain’t I A Woman? or Homegirls or Sister Outsider.”

    —FROM my new essay: My Feminist Awakening & the Influence of Beyonce’s Pop Culture Declaration