My Top 10 Moments In India!

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My Top 10 Moments In India!

Yes! I went to India ya!… with Nomadness Travel Tribe, a facebook group were people of color come together to swap travel tips and their love for seeing the world. I joined this private facebook group a little over a year ago… well actually- I was invited in… Yes you need to be invited. And during […]

In India “Guest equals God”

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In India "Guest equals God"

To say traveling to India was LIFE CHANGING sounds dramatic, but that’s exactly how I feel. There is something super empowering about being able to walk around in a country you’ve never been- and never imagined being. And then… feeling completely welcomed. Jokingly I’ll say I felt like Oprah, because everyone was so happy to […]

While I was in India… they took my picture…

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While I was in India... they took my picture...

While here in New York City a shapely black woman with curly hair is (almost) a dime a dozen– in India we are a rear commodity. While walking the streets of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and Pushkar– my picture was taken several times. Some people asked and some people snuck and just took my picture. So I started to take their pictures […]

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