Confused Christian

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Confused Christian

Like a lot of children who come from Christian families, growing up I spent every Sunday morning in church. My grandmother belonged to a Baptist church and therefore– so did my sister and I. Week after week we sat in the same pew, me and my sister separated by my grandmother, in an effort to […]

3 Questions To Ponder When Dating Outside Your Religion

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3 Questions To Ponder When Dating Outside Your Religion

Apparently bi-religious relationships are on the rise—at least in my circle. Doing a totally (un)scientific survey among my six best girlfriends (four Christian, one Muslim, and one that believes, well, nothing) I asked them: Would a guy’s religion ever prevent you from dating him? I was surprised when all of them say no. One of […]

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    More than 60 women and girls are reported to have escaped from the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, security sources say. Read BBC article here.

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    How BEYONCÉ should have opened.

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    Was just talking to my roommate about the scene when talking about the importance of Lupita representing African hair braining in Vogue, a mainstream industry standard.  



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